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Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes
Bring the Encore Collection tones back down to earth with the rich sounds of the Chimes 37 in. Earth Evergreen Chime. This chime features six green aluminum tubes hand tuned on a universal pentatonic scale for exceptional musical performance. Part of the Encore Collection, the Earth Evergreen Chime ..
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The Chimes 37 in. Spanish Romance Chime was inspired by the Spanish guitar ballad 'Romance de Amor.' The Spanish Romance Chime features six silver tubes of varying lengths for a uniquely rich flavor and tone. The tubes hang from a handsome teak finished ash wood and include a removeable ash wood win..
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Crafted from aluminum in a rich bronze finish, the Chimes 40 in. Amazing Grace Wind Chime features a six-tube design tuned to the opening notes of Amazing Grace. This wind chime boats elegant ash wood accents, with a removable wind-catcher for convenient customization.Wind Chime Length:The length of..
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Chimes Agate Wind Chime Chimes Agate Wind Chime
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The Chimes Agate Wind Chime features five silver tubes and an agate wind catcher that catch the wind and create peaceful music designed to bring harmony and balance to your outdoor space. The agate stone is available in select colors. Made from teak-finished ash wood, aluminum, and stone, this wind ..
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Crafted from a combination of bamboo and wood, the Chimes Aloha Solar Wind Chime showcases a naturally beautiful look. It has a single sail at the bottom that efficiently catches the wind to activate this musical wind chime. It's designed to harness the energy of the sun by day, and use that solar ..
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The Chimes Amethyst Wind Chime features a vibrant amethyst sail, and wood top piece with beveled edges. Multiple aluminum tubes create rich musical notes when the breeze puts this wind chime into motion. It's equipped with a hanging hook, and arrives at your door ready to display.The length of a win..
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This majestic burgundy Chimes Bells of Paradise Wind Chime is tuned on the ancient just intonation system. It measures 44 inches long plus features a black aluminum ring and windcatcher to coordinate with the six satin burgundy tubes. It carries a lifetime tuning guarantee...
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Relax to the soothing tones of the Chimes Blowin in the Wind Chime. Centrally suspended, the aluminum tubes hang around a high-density strikes to give this chime its exceptional tone and resonance. Its tuned to the melody of Bob Dylans Blowin in the Wind. A removable wind catcher dangles below...
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Create a relaxing outdoor spot with the Chimes Chimes of the Eclipse Wind Chime. This wind chime features 10 aluminum tubes centrally suspended around a bamboo clapper for a light and delicate sound. It also features a removable wind catcher...
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Two tiers of aluminum tubes create a myriad of beautiful sounds when the wind stirs the Chimes Clair de Lune Wind Chime into motion. This unique wind chime is outfitted with a hanging hook, and arrives ready to display.The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tu..
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This Chimes Evergreen Chimes of Neptune is hand-tuned to a universal five-note scale. It measures 54 inches long and is graced with bubinga-finished wood, six satin evergreen tubes, and a removable windcatcher. This wind chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee...
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Add a melodious and soothing element to your outdoor space with the Chimes Fleur de Lis Wind Chime. The chimes are tuned to the opening notes of La Marseillaise, the French national anthem, which is famous for its rousing call to freedom. The aluminum chimes are suspended centrally and give this pie..
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