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Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes
Warm your home's exterior living space with the rich, resonant tones and rustic finish of the Heroic Windbell Antique Copper Large. This contemporary wind chime features a cylindrical design handcrafted from steel. The leaf-accented striker lends a nature-inspired style to this windbell that arrives..
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Celebrating one the world's oldest musical traditions, the Lun 36 in. Wind Chime is a relaxing, tranquil piece for any space. It plays the pentatonic (five-note) scale of ancient China, introduced first by Ling Lun, a court musician under Emperor Huang-Ti. Though every part of this product is weathe..
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This Magical Mystery 24 in. Chimes - Calypso Island utilizes a special tuning system known as octave doubling to create harmonic sounds that have never before been used in a wind chime. The Calypso Island Chime is tuned to the last notes of the Haitian folk song Yellow Bird. It features 10 silver a..
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This Magical Mystery 39 in. Chimes - Butterflys Farewell incorporates an acoustic phenomenon known as acoustic doubling to magically play the climactic melody from Madame Butterfly any old time the wind blows. The terminology may sound confusing and the wind may make it all seem simple but the res..
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Hearkening back to simpler times, the Magical Mystery Wind Chime - My Sweetheart is tuned to the opening notes of Let me Call You Sweetheart. Beautifully designed with aluminum tubes and ash wood accents, the silver and natural ash wood finish complement almost any decor. A sweet and charming additi..
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Bring the exotic beauty of India to you home with the Magical Mystery Wind Chime - Taj Mahal. Tuned to a North Indian raga scale that sounds as grand as the Taj Mahal, this chime has a song that is both mysterious and peaceful. Beautifully designed with aluminum tubes and ash wood accents, the silve..
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The Medium Heroic Windbell gives any home a bold look. Handcrafted from ash wood and steel, with a metallic green finish, this windbell is a stunning addition to your home. Perfect for hanging from a tree or by your doorway, you'll love the high-octave tone of this gorgeous bell...
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Additional featuresMeasures 34.5 inches longGenerous 1-year defect warrantyThis natural colored Emperor Gong captures the romance and splendor of the Far East with its wonderful sound and graceful design. Our Emperor Series is inspired by traditional Asian design, intended to reflect balance, harmon..
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Named after the innovative composer Harry Partch, the Partch 36 in. Wind Chime is tuned to the uplifting scale known to many of Woodstock's customers as the happy sound. For those of us who love energetic, uplifting sounds, this chime is a must-have. Though every part of this product is weather-prot..
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Perfect for musical self-discovery, the remarkable Pipedream makes a wonderful gift. This popular instrument has been precision-tuned to a universal pentatonic scale that is rooted in the music of ancient civilizations. It features an ash wood base and mallets, and eight silver tubes. Anyone can pla..
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A dramatic accent for gardens and patios, the Queen Tudor Rose 41.5 in. Wind Chime is tuned to the romantic Aeolian mode - an extremely popular mode of music during the Tudor reign. Though every part of this product is weather-protected, we recommend a few simple maintenance tips to keep it looking ..
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Both a gentle wind chime and a thoughtful keepsake compartment, the Reflections Memorial 22.5 in. Wind Chime is a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one. The remembrance capsule features a weatherproof seal to ensure your treasure or keepsake stays safe and secure. Complete with a metal wind catch..
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