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Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes
With its light, chiming tone and elegant design, the Sandstone Wind Chime is visually and audibly appealing. Beautifully designed, this wind chime is crafted from solid aluminum with a rich bronze finish. Made to complement any decor, these wind chimes will bring music and serenity to your favorite ..
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SeaScape Wind Chime - Medium - Seafoam Green SeaScape Wind Chime - Medium - Seafoam Green
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Bring the essence of the seaside to your door with the SeaScape Wind Chime - Medium - Seafoam Green. Sandblasted tubes with a tranquil green tint sound the tones of an ancient Asian pentatonic scale. Breezes cause the wind catcher to strike the aluminum tubes, producing clear, calming tones. Wood el..
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Calming and beautiful sounds on your porch or patio are the result of six green-colored, sand-textured anodized aluminum tubes featured in this SeaScapes 37 in. Chime - Seafoam Green. Designed to transport you from your patio to the beach, the chime features a cherry finish ash wood in addition to s..
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The Small Natural Emperor Gong Wind Chime gives your home a touch of Eastern style that is sure to please. Crafted from ash wood and brass metal, this wind chime is hand-hammered by a master gong maker using the same methods and materials that have gone into crafting gongs for thousands of years. Be..
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Proclaim your patriotism with the Star-Spangled Banner 23 in. Chime. Its made in the U.S.A. and is tuned to the opening of the Star-Spangled Banner. The ash wood hanger, clapper, and windcatcher all feature a rich cherry finish to accent the six silver aluminum chimes...
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What We Like About the Turquoise ChimeWith a tiered roof and square tubes, this wind chime incorporates aspects of Japanese architecture to improve the Feng Shui of any setting. When the sail catches the breeze, whimsical music will fill the air. Even standing still, this wind chime has a beauty tha..
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The Verdigris Chime of the Earth 37 Inch Wind Chime will imbue your home and garden with classic elegance and soothing, dulcet tones. Part of Woodstock's planet series, this popular chime features six powder-coated aluminum tubes with a striking verdigris finish; natural finished ash wood hanger, st..
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The Wedding Wind Chime is a great gift for weddings and anniversaries. The tones of this wind chime conjure up gorgeous late spring and early summer days, with white dresses, flowers, and church bells. Tuned to Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D" - a popular choice as a wedding processional - this will ..
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The Zenergy Chakra Chime is a melodic way to let students know meditation time is over, or to get your own chakras in tune. This chime has an ash wood base with walnut finish and includes seven stones to symbolize each chakra. The stones are Hematite, Tiger's Eye, Yellow Jade, Rose Quartz, Turquoise..
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